Full Bloom


Designed by Jenna Penticoff

Our "Full Bloom" women's tee, designed by Jenna Penticoff, has a message deeper than a beautiful design. Jenna is a graphic design student at Bethel University. Her outlook on life is to live in “Full Bloom”.

 Living life in full bloom means to love others and grow to the best of your abilities. Like flowers, we have seasons which we are full of color and life, and seasons when our petals are falling off. Life is not about being “ok” or being happy. Life is about adapting to the changes that come our way, using what we have to help us, but most importantly surrounding ourselves with those whom we love, build us up and provide support for us when we whither. When living life in full bloom we can provide that same support for others who need us. When we are not yet in full bloom, it is ok to open up and be vulnerable to those who are closest to you. Full Bloom represents change, growth, and new life. Jenna designed Full bloom to encourage everyone, including herself, to grow into their best version possible.